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Nobody probably even reads this anymore, but that's ok. I have a place to just write out my frustrations. Why I do this on the Internet, no idea.

Just... fuck, I'm frustrated. I try to get myself a leg up in speeding up my work production and it backfires in my face. Version of the program I used was outdated, inserted the wrong templates. Tried to update said program - now it won't load properly. I tried everything short of putting more RAM into my work computer but it's finally come to attempt that.

I've forgotten 3 weeks in a row to put in for a day off, slap my own forehead in exasperation, and then forget when the next week comes around.

Ugh, now I'm wasting time.

New Fanfics: Gintama

(X-post to resuriichan)

I love Gintama. It's hilarious and disgusting at times and yet emotionally moving with some good looking guys thrown in (my favorites being the top three (I think they still are...)favorite characters: Gin-san, Okita, and Hijikata). So is it really a surprise I'm attempting to find ideas to write for it? Of course not.

As much as I like writing Don't Sleep With Moonlight Shining on your Pillow, it does get a bit tedious trying to plug the reader into some of the canon plots so I've had it on the back burner for a while. I feel terrible that I haven't actually worked on it in over a year >.> Ah, anyway, here are my two new ideas!

Title: A Woman In Love With This Man In Uniform Should Have Her Head Checked!
Summary: (None yet.) [Okita Sougo x Reader]
Reader Name: Yamamoto Sayori
Notes: Clearly the reader has a couple screws loose to be going after Okita. No, really, just joking. Sougo's obviously not too terrible of a person if you aren't Hijikata, Gin-san, Kagura, or anyone he dubs an enemy (that doesn't leave too many people left does it?). And honest to god, I love his voice and his speech mannerisms. It makes him too friggin adorable (but it gets lost in English). Ah, so anyway, a bit about the actual plot! This takes place just before the Mitsuba Arc (just the first chapter) and the reader is the daughter of a noodle cart/shop owner. Her father is sort of a combination of Yamamoto Tsuyoshi (from Reborn!) and Kurosaki Isshin (from Bleach). He isn't, however, a master noodle maker with a shinigami past, but he is a widower. The reader has a brother that is living in Kyoto and runs a noodle cart/shop there. The reader also has a bit of an S in her (mostly directed at men). I will probably be posting the first chapter on Lunaescence soon to see if I get encouragement to keep posting.

Title: The Times and Trials of a Loyal Shonen Jump Fan
Summary: Because not even purchasing Jump is easy for a guy with a natural perm. [Sakata Gintoki x Reader]
Reader: Yamanouchi Yukari
Notes: This idea really got me excited. I thought, what if Gin-san had a particular store he frequented to get Jump? And then, what would the clerk do in the face of his crazy excuses? And if he tried to put his purchases on a tab? And of course I just had to make it reader-insert. I literally came up with this idea this week, so it's still fresh and piping hot! I don't have a ton of chapters planned for this, probably around 10 or so? I plan to have Sa-chan and Zenzo (more Zenzo than Sa-chan since he is as rabid about Jump as Gin-san), Hijikata, and possibly Katsura and Elizabeth show up in the fic. I'm not quite sure who else would be included yet. I think the reader's mom will totally ship her daughter with Gin-san.

Progress Update: Soul Searching series

Kira Izuru
Hisagi Shuhei
Urahara Kisuke
Hitsugaya Toshiro
Kyoraku Shunsui
Ukitake Jushiro
Kuchiki Byakuya

Withering Marigolds [Kira Izuru]

Ishida Uryu
Kurosaki Ichigo

Progress Update: Soul Searching series

Kira Izuru
Hisagi Shuhei
Urahara Kisuke
Hitsugaya Toshiro
Kyoraku Shunsui

Ukitake Jushiro

Kuchiki Byakuya

Withering Marigolds [Kira Izuru]

Yeah, hi~ me again!

I live! Sort of, I guess. You sit and type on a computer all day and see if you want to type in your free time. I should start using up those notebooks I've got.

Anyway, here are the current works in progress (prioritized but not necessarily in the order they'll be completed):
Bleach Soul Searching series rewrite - Kira Izuru (plan and prewrite remaining chapters 7-12)
When Devils Walk the Night (plan and prewrite remaining chapters 18-??)
Surprise fic - Reborn! (planned and being prewritten [6/25 complete])
Surprise fic - DMC 25 winter themes challenge (planned)
Fairy Tail Rivalry series rewrite (planned and being prewritten [1/16])
Bleach Soul Searching series rewrite - Hisagi, Byakuya, Hitsugaya, Urahara + NEW: Kyoraku, Ukitake (planning stage)
A Woman In Love A Man In Shinsengumi Uniform Should Have Her Head Checked! - Okita x Reader Gintama fic
Saiyuki ficlets??

A Supernatural Kind of Thing (SPN) and Don't Sleep With Moonlight Shining On Your Pillow (Gintama): These are long multichapter fics which means that even if I do not post to them for a while, I am still thinking about them (DSMSYP in particular - Gintama scanlations are hard to find).

A Devil's T-Shirt: There was a lemon chapter planned for Dante and I have started it, but having trouble sitting down and writing it.

Going GaGa: Per some unspoken events earlier this year, I'm done with this series. I have no inspiration or want to complete all 26 chapters that I had planned. I was also severely disappointed it got so few reviews because I really went all out with my best. I may take it down and repost the ones I like as individual one-shots.

Spring Cleaning

[cross-posted to resuriichan]

It shouldn't be surprising that when I went back and looked at the first "fics" for Bleach that I posted on Lunaescence, I was appalled at how mediocre they were. There were really only two that I just was disgusted by and I cannot believe how many reviews/favorites each set in the series received.

Most likely it's the phentermine that really motivated me to attempt this. Perhaps it's even lack of inspiration to finish my other many projects. Either way, I think these attempted revamps are sorely needed.

Soul Searching series [Bleach]
Out of all of the ones posted, I disliked Renji, Hitsugaya and Urahara's the most. I just felt like they weren't that true to the characters. Surprisingly, Aizen, Ichigo and Ishida's were the ones I was most comfortable with when they were finished. So with that in mind, here is the list of revamps(with new titles too!):
Kuchiki Byakuya - White Sakura Woe
Hitsugaya Toshiro - Sequence of Winter's Sun
Kira Izuru - Marigold Joy
Hisagi Shuhei - The Cypress Discipline
Urahara Kisuke -

Note that Urahara's title space is blank because I cannot, for the life of me come up with something witty for him yet. The titles more or less involve meanings of the kanji in their names and I was trying to mimic Kubo's interesting title naming as well.

Rivalry [Fairy Tail]
Oh this is filled with so much crack and utter fail. I got (I think) about halfway through this series before I just really lost steam. Fairy Tail is not too popular with fanfiction and it was even less so when I started this series for it. To make quality fanfiction for Fairy Tail is a must - especially when the series is dedicated to Crys-chan and Tsula, who encouraged readers of their fics to read Fairy Tail. Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed with their recommendation. Without further ado, I present the proposed series revamp:
Summary: The things men do for love... like attempting to sabotage your friendships, constantly picking fights with their potential rivals, looking dumb while trying to impress you and just generally turning your life upside down. Well, you wouldn't say men as a whole - just Natsu and Gray. It came with being the focus of their enormous competitive spirits. Pairings: Various/Reader + Reader/Various [triangles, squares and more; implied shoujo-ai]

Fired Up - [Natsu/Reader]
On Ice - [Gray/Reader]
Heavy Metal - [Gajeel(or Gazille)/Reader]
Lion's Share - [Leo/Reader]
Lightning Never Strikes Twice - [Luxus/Reader]
Got A Crush On You - [Gildarts/Reader]
Break the Ice - [Lyon/Reader]
Nature of the Beast - [Elfman/Reader]
Matters of the Heart - [Lucy/Reader]
Knight in Shining Armor - [Erza/Reader]
Rain or Shine - [Juvia/Reader]
Sky High - [Reader/Wendy]
Holding the Aces - [Cana/Reader]
Devil May Care - [Mirajane/Reader]
Never Say Die - [Reader/Lisanna]
Away with the Fairies [Evergreen/Reader]

These aren't in any particular order yet (except for the first three maybe), just divided by guys or girls. I tried to use idioms based on the magic they use - which I sort of failed on with Mirajane and Lisanna. Mirajane's I'm okay with because of her Take Over type, but Lisanna's is just eh. The ice/frozen idioms were mostly, uh, not good ones. Too many fire ones though XD From the original 11 I had planned, I now have 16. Way to complicate things, Les, way to complicate things.

When Devils Walk the Night
I owe my lovely readers who love this story an explanation.

When I started this, I had no idea which direction the plot was going. There was a vague end plan but nothing for the in between. Updates were random and the plot was even worse. The story and its concept were inspired by Renohotness but I am not her and thus cannot write like her (read: in the same manner that she is so wonderful at) so I feel like I was probably floundering after about chapter 4 or so. I had a much cooler fic in my head but obviously I don't translate well from brain to fingers to word processor. This is on hiatus indefinitely. I want to finish it but I want to redo several chapters.

This leads right into my next announcement.

I am going on a posting and writing hiatus - the only exception to this would be my Supernatural fanfic, if I can scrounge up enough fangirl in me to keep going at the moment. Quite honestly, I don't have the slightest desire to do much of anything on the computer. I work on one all day and then play on another one for a few hours before going to bed. I get tired of watching my fanfics get hit after hit with the occasional review and masses of ghost readers. Overused excuse, I know. I have had no inspiration for any new fanfiction for a while. I will probably work on the Bleach and Fairy Tail series sporatically but do not expect updates.

This isn't caused by the Lunaescence drama with the moderators. I was validated 4-6 months after posting stories the same year I joined the site. That was 3 years ago now. I was passionate about writing so I was positively anal about having as few mistakes as possible. There weren't as many authors/members on the site back then either.

I will be back, but I don't know how soon or late it will be. You all know pretty much where to find me so just check those places to see if anything changes.

Luna stays up for now... but still on hiatus. Sorry.


LOL I love HMS!

Detective Homes and Detective Ese: Keeping the streets of Guadalupe free of rampant bulls!

SEA BATTLE! *splash*

Supergenius singing "Baby, baby, oh!" (Justin Bieber)

"I'm a scary werewolfer! Rawrrrrrrr! Rawrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

"Oh look! Spooooky puppies!"


I loves me some HMS.

With Brady's sauce all over it.

Going GaGa

Fifth chapter posted! [OMG, I fuckin forgot to do this on Friday! I was so excited about finally becoming employed that I spaced out lol]

Rating [Lunaescence System]: 13+
Warnings: Uhhhhh... none that I can think of...
Song: "Poker Face"
Fandom: Final Fantasy 12
Character: Basch fon Rosenburg/Judge Gabranth

Going GaGa

Fourth chapter posted!

Rating [Lunaescence System]: 13+
Warnings: Fluff, angst, teen awkwardness
Song: "Summerboy"
Fandom: Bleach
Character: teen!Kuchiki Byakuya

Going GaGa

Third chapter posted!

Rating [Lunaescence System]: 13+
Warnings: Swearing, mild violence, girlfight!
Song: "Alejandro"
Fandom: Gintama
Character: Sakata Gintoki